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The world of car rental has now entered a new era, the era of the car share. Although it is unlikely that car share rentals like Zipcar will fully replace the more traditional car rental businesses, they are seemingly becoming popular and continue to grow in both size and availability. Car shares do vary in many ways from the traditional car rentals and can even save you money especially if you review zipcar coupons and make additional savings that way. Without savings coupons though you can also make money by only renting a car for the number of hours you actually want to use it. With a traditional car rental company you have to book a car for periods of at least one day but car shares are available for rental by the hour. Also whereas with a traditional car rental you have to pay for fuel and insurance, the cost of a car share includes both fuel and insurance.

A car share can on occasions also be more convenient than a traditional car rental as, having booked your car you merely o to it, use your membership card to unlock it and away you go. As with most good things though, car shares do come with some disadvantages. Firstly as the car you book is the car you get, if the car has recently been returned by a previous renter in a dirty condition that is the way you have to accept it, whereas with a traditional car rental if the one you booked is dirty, you merely ask for another. Another disadvantage is that although the fuel is free, a car share will often limit you to the number of miles you can drive it each day compared to a traditional car rental which will offer you the option of unlimited mileage. There is one further disadvantage but that may change in times to come and that is that currently, car shares are only available in cities across America and certain major cities in Canada and Europe, not in any smaller towns anywhere.

Finally, unlike traditional rental companies, car share companies require that you take out membership before you can use their cars. All in all though, having the option to choose which the best type of rental is for each of your individual needs is a benefit which can be more convenient in some cases or save you money in others. The things which you should therefore take into consideration every time you need a car rental are, does the car need to be clean when you pick it up? How long will you actually need to use the car for? If you book a traditional car rental, will you have to pay insurance or will the credit card you use pay that insurance for you? How many miles do you intend to travel? By taking all of these things into consideration before renting, you should be able to save both time and money on all your rentals.