Designing a Website

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Although almost anyone today, with the use of modern apps, can design their own website, most businesses will opt to use professional website designers to assist them, if not design the website on their behalf. Professional website designers are listed as either website designers, website developers or as SEO specialists but regardless of what they may be called, they have experience in designing websites and know what designs are appealing to different types of visitors. This means that whatever line of business you may be in, the designer will know the best type of design for your website. Most businesses will opt to use local website designers and so a business based in Vancouver will probably opt to use an expert in web design in Vancouver as they not only know what appeals to the global market but also know what appeals to the local market audience.

As well as being of good design a website, to be most effective, needs to be of high quality with high quality content and SEO specialists will help a business ensure that its website has only high quality content and is easy to access and read. Before anyone can read what a website has to offer though, they must first be attracted to that website and that is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. SEO uses strategies that attract visitors to particular websites and one of the most commonly used strategies is keyword optimization. With this strategy, keywords are strategically placed in a website’s text content where they are picked up by a search engine during its relevant search requests. The search engine, having quickly picked up the website because of the keywords, places that site at the top of its list of results. Although all sites will be shown on a search engine’s list of results that means the list has thousands of websites listed but research has shown that few, if any, searchers look at websites past those on the first page, which is where the keywords will ensure a website is located.

The use of SEO for online marketing purposes is becoming increasingly popular as other SEO strategies include the use of back links. A back link is a link to a website which is placed on other websites, host websites. When visitors to the host website visit that site, the link encourages them to also visit the linked website, increasing that website’s number of visitors. Obviously with this strategy, the more visitors the host site gets, the more visitors the linked site is probably going to get and so it is important to place the back link on a popular website and where possible ensure that the host site has similar interests to the linked site. Depending on the type of business the website represents will depend on whether or not the SEO specialist also recommends PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising as that too can increase the number of visitors a website receives quite dramatically as well.